Community travel across Europe,
with nomads,
without airplanes.
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Balkans to Switzerland Trail 66 days, 10.7 - 14.9
Bosnia Workation 28 days, 14.7 - 11.8
We take your remote work into an adventure detour.
We are dedicated to empowering digital nomads like you to embrace a flexible and fulfilling lifestyle while sustainably exploring the wonders of Europe.
What's this all about?

We're all about turning your remote work into a sustainable adventure.

Our mission? To empower digital nomads like you to embrace a lifestyle of flexibility and fulfillment, all while exploring the wonders of Europe the old fashion way, savouring every inch of the way - including the unexpected!

Sounds intriguing, but how does it work?
We connect small groups of digital nomads with carefully selected colivings or work-friendly accommodations throughout Europe.

We curate the experience by bringing together adventurous nomads, choosing off-the-beaten-path locations that are brimming with charm, and providing packaged accommodation.

Plus, we handle the travel logistics, offering guidance on the best train or bus routes while leaving the booking in your capable hands.
Olala! How can I join?
Explore our upcoming Trails:

The Balkans to Switzerland Trail: Embark on a 66-day adventure starting short after the Bansko Nomad Fest. Journey through the captivating landscapes of Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Hungary, culminating in the Swiss Nomad Fest.
Dates: 10 July to 15 September.

Alternatively, immerse yourself in our 28-day Bosnia Workation, nestled in the secret beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Settle into the serene surroundings of Bjelašnica, a hidden gem of a mountain location just 30 minutes from Sarajevo, touted as one of Europe's rising capitals.
Dates: 14 July to 11 August.
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Now, the fun fact!

Here’s how Nomad Trail was born: a bunch of location-independent enthusiasts, with business expertise in the coliving and coworking industry, meeting kind of randomly in a café at the Bansko Nomad Fest 2023.