That famous day in Bansko...
... when we created a proof of concept, validated an idea with a focus group of 15 people, and made a key partnership in just 6 hours.
On a sunny day in Bansko (Bulgaria), while attending the Bansko Nomad Fest 2023, Dani, Pelé, Virginia, Stefan, Jeanne and Ivano gathered around a table at a restaurant at 11am for a chilled and fruitful breakfast.

Little did we know, this beginning would set the stage for an incredible journey!

We were all there to discuss the idea of planning a road trip around Europe for our digital nomad communities for next year, in order to visit our coliving spaces and travel more sustainably.

Avoiding taking flights was one of our fundamental principles.

Our goal is to provide a way for nomads to enjoy the authenticity and diversity of the local realities for remote workers currently emerging in various destinations all over Europe, while experiencing time and landscape the old fashion way, savouring every inch of the way - including the unexpected!

While sharing points and taking notes for action items, some naming ideas came to our minds….. this is how we initiated the Nomad Trail!
Our first t-shirt, created in no time by our fantastic Dani.
A little bit of the behind the scenes.....

“Guys, is already taken, but is free” said Jeanne.

“Let’s buy it now, so we have it secured” insisted Philipp.

“I’m texting my partners to see if there are already some locations available in Puglia” advanced Serena.

“I can create a landing page in 30 minutes, I know how” shared Stefan.

“Got it! I can ask generative AI some suggestions for the structure and copy” suggested Ivano

“I already have a logo idea in mind” said Dani while opening Canva.

“Let me make a call, we can have an unconference session locked for us about this at the Fest this afternoon” added Virginia.

In just a few hours, with the spirit of “better done than perfect”, with our expertise in marketing, design, project management, lean startup methodology, as well as the fact that we’re nomads and remote workers, we’ve done so many (perfectionable) things.

  1. Created a new concept for nomad traveling, airplane free
  2. Bought a domain,
  3. Created a brand identity,
  4. Wrote copy and edited some pictures,
  5. Created a landing page,
  6. Added an email waiting list,
  7. Set up social media accounts,
  8. Printed branded t-shirts,
  9. Created the opportunity to have a focus group,
  10. Done market research with our core niche.

On a side note, everyone juggled their schedules to attend or reschedule meetings as needed, as the excitement was growing every minute.

While feeling the warmth of our freshly printed T-shirts, the Unconference Session we ran at the Bansko Nomad Fest was attended by roughly 15 people, all of them real potential users, which was our little focus group.

“What excites you the most? What are the weak points? What would you love to have included? From 1 to 10, how much would you commit to joining the Nomad Trail?”.
These were the main questions we asked.

In another hour, so many insights came out of the nomads attending it, which were very valuable.

“Overland travel has an emotional connotation”, shared one participant.

“I love the caravan feeling when a group of people move together. Travelling hand in hand is bonding”, shared someone else.

“I like the fact that colivings are more rural but I would need a break in cities from time to time”, someone said.

“What I like the most is that it’s an experimental project” shared someone.

Sole and Ramon, while listening to us and gaining insights for their startup MapMelon as well, were so stocked that they decided to partner up with us and embrace this journey together!

After just 24 hours, 20+ people already joined the waiting list.

We’re not magicians, but some magic was already there among us.

Just the week before we all were at Remotion Fest Burgas, where we bonded with each other and shared so many insights, experiences, ideas, funny and quality moments together every day and night.

The trust we’ve built led us to that table and to move forward at the same time.

The Nomad Trail awaits, ready to take us on an adventure of exploration, connection, and endless possibilities.

Stay tuned as we share the unfolding chapters of our journey. Together, we are blazing a trail of discovery, embracing the nomadic spirit, and creating a new way to travel and work at the same time.

The Nomad Trail saga continues, and the best is yet to come.
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