What we've been cooking for 2024.

At Nomad Trail, we're all about blending work with adventure, and our recent team retreat in the Swiss Alps was the perfect example. Taking a break from our remote work setup, we gathered at Friligue's coliving space in the tranquil yet captivating village of Liddes and its 300 inhabitants.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, we dove into the welcoming atmosphere of Friligue's community. It's amazing how a coliving in a remote village can host such a diverse range of events, from ski weeks to language camps to their very own Nomad Fest.

But our retreat wasn't just about soaking in the scenery – it was about coming together as a team and making memories. Whether it was bonding with locals over local cheeses or lending a hand to get a friend's van out of a snowy jam, days were filled with camaraderie and authenticity, with a slight touch of the unexpected.

And let's not forget the perks of downtime: spa sessions, fondue nights, and hikes with breathtaking views. It's these moments that remind us why we love what we do and the connections we make along the way.

So if you're wondering what the Nomad Trail experience is all about, just picture us in the Swiss Alps, balancing work and play something like this.

Curated trips or custom trips? Both!

After immersing ourselves in the nomad community and listening closely to their feedback, a clear pattern emerged: nomads are seeking two distinct types of travel experiences.

Some need fully curated trips where logistics are taken care of, allowing participants to focus on the adventure and fun part. Others desire more flexible journeys that adapt to their individual preferences, allowing for spontaneity and personalization.

In response to these insights, we rolled up our sleeves and designed something that could cater to both ends of the spectrum.

  • Official Trails: curated by Nomad Trail, these group trips take the hassle out of planning. Simply bring your laptop and join the ride! From travel logistics to accommodation and activities, we've got pretty much everything rolled out. Official Trails are perfect for nomads who want to explore new destinations in good company without bothering with the organisation.

  • Community Trails: co-created by our community, these trips allow you to decide on routes, destinations, and activities of interest. Community Trails are mostly thought for nomads that have a specific itinerary in mind or have particular wishes and that want to be actively involved in customising the experience.
What's on the Horizon: Upcoming Trails

We will be crossing Europe on 18-day train ride going through major innovation hubs.

We will be crossing the Baltic and the Balkans.

We will be deep diving into the hidden gems of Balkans.

We will reach two major European Nomad Fests.

And the rest is in your hands with the Community Trails!