Stefan tests out Nomad Trail with style: hitchhiking.
The Pilot Trail starts from Liddes (Switzerland) on 1st October 2023
Stefan stops in different Colivings on the way. He travels all hitchhiking.
Final destination is the Nomad World Fest in Albufeira (Portugal) on 9th October 2023!
A journey by land to the Nomad World in Albufeira
We are excited to announce that one of our co-founders, Stefan, will be embarking on a unique journey to showcase the possibilities of travelling on land through Europe while working remotely.

We want to highlight the importance of sustainable travel and reducing carbon footprints (the journey will be completed entirely via land and sea, with no airplanes involved) for digital nomads.

Stefan will be sharing her experiences and insights throughout the journey on social media.

Stefan, our daddy-like giant genius, we love you :)

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