Accident Waiver and Release of Viability

In consideration for being allowed to participate in the activities and/or rent equipment provided by Nomad Trail, I, the undersigned, agree as follows:

1. Acknowledgment of Risks
I understand and acknowledge that participating in activities, including but not limited to (workations, nomad fest in any of the offered location by Nomad Trail), involves inherent risks, including the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage. I voluntarily choose to participate in these activities and use/rent equipment, knowing these risks.

2. Assumption of Responsibility
I assume full responsibility for any risks and dangers associated with the activities and equipment rental, and I understand that Nomad Trail cannot guarantee my safety.

3. Physical Fitness
I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficiently trained for participation in this activity/these activities and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.

4. Release of Liability
To the fullest extent permitted by Irish law, I hereby release, discharge, and hold harmless Nomad Trail, its owners, employees, agents, volunteers, event sponsors and event volunteers and representatives from any and all claims, liabilities, demands, actions, or causes of action, whether related to personal injury, property damage, or otherwise, arising out of or connected with my participation in the activities and/or equipment rental, including claims resulting from the negligence of Nomad Trail or its employees.

5. Waiver of Rights
I waive any right to bring a legal action or assert a claim against Nomad Trail for any losses or damages I may sustain, even if they arise from the negligence of Nomad Trail or its employees.

6. Medical Authorization
In the event of an emergency, I authorize Nomad Trail to seek medical treatment or assistance on my behalf if I am unable to do so myself. I agree to bear all costs associated with such treatment.

7. Equipment Usage & Responsibility
I hereby certify that any equipment I am using/renting has been received in good condition and will be returned in the same condition (ordinary wear and tear accepted) for the time outlined in this agreement.

8. Responsibility to Others
I assume all responsibility for any injuries to persons or damages to property, of whatsoever nature, arising out of use of the equipment and/or participating in this event.

9. Repossession of Equipment
In the event I do not return the equipment, per the time outlined in this agreement, I hereby authorize Nomad Trail to take such actions, including but not limited to entering my property, to reclaim such equipment.

10. Use of Equipment
I agree to not loan, sublet, allow others to use and/or otherwise dispose of any equipment I've been provided or rented and/or use in a location other than that to which has been agreed. I further agree to pay in full the replacement cost, including labor, for all damages to rental equipment.

11. Release of Rights
I understand that at this event or related activities I may be photographed. I agree to allow my photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the event holders, producers, sponsors, organizers, and/or assignees.

12. Governing Law
This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Ireland.

13. Severability
If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

I have read and understood this Accident Waiver and Release of Liability agreement, and I voluntarily accept it as my own free act and deed by the purchase I made through any of Nomad Trail websites and/or apps